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Birth Certificates

A birth record contains information about the birth of an individual. On a birth record, you can usually find the mother's full maiden name and the father's full name, the name of the baby, the date of the birth, and county where the birth took place.

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Marriage Records

A marriage record contains information about a marriage between two individuals. On a marriage record, you can at least find the bride's and groom's full names, the date of the marriage, and county where the marriage took place.

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Divorce Certificates

The divorce certificate contains basic information about the husband and wife, and the date and place the marriage ended. Certified copies of a Divorce Certificate are official copies issued by court on the state or County level.

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Death Records

Also known as medical certificate of the cause of death (MCCD), the death certificate is a document issued by a government official such as a registrar of vital statistics that declares the date, location and cause of a person's death.

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